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We at Vis Viva see fundraising as the art of picking investors that perfectly fit the personality of your team, your strategy, stage of company development and the need for support to drive your strategy and growth further.



Startups are reshaping the economic landscape by creating new ways of doing and being and there is a clear movement of outstanding entrepreneurs not only living their visions but extremely determined to transform disruptive ideas into great and useful products.


Their activity contributes to economical development by making processes more efficient, improving our environment and by creating jobs. Continuous funding is one of the essential drivers for their success. But they need investors to be real partners, contributing personally with their own experience, network and, even more important, their heart and soul to the success of the company.


And at the same time one sees a fast-growing number of active investors, often former succesful entrepreneurs, that are fascinated by supporting this enlarging basis of our economy and with the desire to share their knowledge and connections.


Entrepreneurs ourselves, we perfectly understand these challenges and needs and would be glad to be part of and contribute to the success of new ad-Ventures!



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