Fundraising with us:

Vis Viva escorts entrepreneurs along the whole value chain of fundraising 


From your idea to an outstanding business plan

If you are not sure whether your business plan is complete or if you need ideas on how to highlight your milestones, we are here to give you advice.

Defining your fundraising strategy together

After an in-depth assessment, we define your needs together with you and decide which investors correspond best to you and what size and nature your actual round will be.

Advice for flawless investor presentations and executive summary

With your executive summary and investor presentations you give your first and most important impression to your audience. That's why it needs to be short but precise. Our experience will guide you to pass the first round in your investor meetings!

Coaching for your investor pitches

At investor conferences or individual pitches, investors often leave you only a couple of minutes to be persuaded of your concept and idea. Barely the time that you take an elevator together. We tell you how to prepare your first elevator pitch.

Advice for negotiating sophisticated term sheets and conditions

The term sheet defines the framework of relationship with your future investors. We advise on checking an investor's termsheet and what needs to be discussed and negotiated.

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