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  • Serial or first time entrepreneur?
  • Having a disruptive solution or vision responding to a clear need?
  • Determined to succeed?
  • Able to push your solution into the market?
  • In need of bridge financing?
  • Having products ready for international expansion?
  • Not willing to pay upfront fees?

There are several reasons to raise funds with us, whatever your stage of development: we help you with an outstanding approach to raise capital whilst leaving your hands free to continue your development and care for your day-to-day business.


We see fundraising as the art of finding an investor that perfectly fits the character of your person or team, your strategy, stage of company development or need for support to drive your plans further.


You are a company in need of capital, so we do not charge you with upfront fees. You just pay for what you get.


An investor presentation needs to be well-prepared. If you are not a serial entrepreneur yet and need advice or to be coached, we assist you.


Different investors have different approaches to investing. VCs, Angels, Family Offices, Corporate VCs or Corporates have different investment strategies. It is therefore important to evaluate who could be the best partner for you or, if needed, set up a strategic co-investment to guarantee the best development of your company.


That’s why we take all the time necessary to clearly understand your technology, business and strategy and the corresponding needs before establishing our strategy and establishing the contact with our best-suited investors. We are currently working with more than 500 investors worldwide.


We also care that there will be no strategic conflict of interest whilst approaching investors and therefore handle your sensitive information with all the care needed for a successful funding.


We would be happy to set up a first call or meeting with you, to learn more about you and your company and to explain to you more in detail how we work. Let's get in touch:



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